ALPA creates high-quality solutions to promote the healthy development of the battery material industry

With the progress of the times and the improvement of living standards, the development of mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, new energy vehicles and other industries is changing with each passing day, and the demand for lithium batteries is also increasing. Due to the technological innovation of lithium battery manufacturers, residents’ demand for lithium battery products has also risen. As a leader in the powder industry, ALPA has reached cooperation with a number of well-known battery manufacturers and established a good supply and demand link with excellent crushing equipment and complete industry solutions.

Due to significant performance advantages, in recent years, the proportion of lithium batteries in the battery industry has continued to increase. China’s lithium battery market is very broad, and more and more people are engaged in the lithium battery material industry. In the field of lithium-ion batteries, since the performance of the positive electrode material directly affects the performance of the lithium-ion battery, the cost of the positive electrode material determines the cost of the battery. It is for this reason that “the development of lithium-ion cathode materials has led the development of lithium-ion batteries”.


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