Lithium battery powder material spheroidization technology

Lithium battery is an important type of power battery in the future, and spherical negative electrode powder prepared from flake graphite is an important basic material for this type of battery. With the adjustment of energy policy, the demand for power batteries is increasing day by day.

Product advantages:

Spheroidization processing ability is improved. It exceeds the existing technical indicators of the same type of equipment in Japan, and realizes all localization.

The yield of spheroidized products is improved. Under the same tap density condition, the yield increased from 40% of the national average level to about 60%, and the raw material ratio of the product decreased from 1:2.5 to 1:1.7.

The spheroidizing equipment is arranged in parallel, and the operating rate is increased to 100%. At present, the popular systems on the market are all connected in series, and if one device fails, it will cause the entire line to stop production. However, this system belongs to a single set that works independently, and the maintenance of a single device does not affect the operation of the entire system.

The product has great potential. After adjusting the key components of the spheroidization equipment, it has the ability to produce the second-generation power battery anode material; now the particle size distribution range of the spherical graphite powder for the lithium battery anode is between 15 and 30 microns, and the particle size of the second-generation spherical graphite powder The distribution range is between 10 and 20 microns; with the improvement of power battery capacity per unit volume and high current charge and discharge capacity, the electrodes are thinner and the particle size of spherical particles is finer.

There are many types of spheroidization. In addition to the spheroidization of flake graphite, the spheroidization equipment is also suitable for the spheroidization of other types of graphite such as artificial graphite and microcrystalline graphite. The spheroidization yield of microcrystalline graphite is as high as 50%.

The new achievement of the spheroidization technology of lithium battery powder materials can be applied to the spheroidization of flake graphite. In addition, the spheroidization equipment is also suitable for the spheroidization of artificial graphite, microcrystalline graphite and other types of graphite.


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