What are the advantages of using anthracite as anode material?


Currently, anode material companies generally use needle coke as raw material to prepare artificial graphite anodes through processes such as crushing, coating, and graphitization.

The biggest advantage of needle coke-based graphite anode is its high gram capacity, which can significantly increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. However, its cycle life is far from ideal and cannot meet the requirements of lithium-ion power batteries.

Anthracite has the characteristics of high carbon content, low volatile matter, dense structure, high hardness, and no smoke when burned. It is widely used as a fuel in civil, power generation and steel smelting. It can also be used as a raw material for gas production and synthetic ammonia production. In carbon production, anthracite is often used to produce various carbon blocks and electrode pastes. In recent years, its application in the field of negative electrodes for lithium-ion batteries has also attracted much attention.

Different from the traditional methods at home and abroad that use needle coke and petroleum coke to make negative electrode materials, this research team has taken a unique approach and used anthracite coal to make artificial graphite negative electrode materials for lithium batteries and completed the research and development of a complete set of technology for coal-based fast-charging negative electrode materials. Not long ago The first ton-level test demonstration line in China was built.

The graphite particles of the anthracite-based lithium-ion battery graphite anode material prepared through simple processes such as coarse crushing, grinding and graphitization are mostly spherical, and are very different from the commonly used needle-shaped coke-based graphite anode in microstructure, but cycle data It shows that the cycle stability of anthracite-based graphite anode is much better than that of needle coke-based graphite anode. Anthracite has the advantages of large output, wide sources, low price, and simple and controllable anode preparation process. It can be used as a raw material for graphite anode materials in power lithium-ion batteries.

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